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My name is Laura, I am a qualified Hatha yoga teacher with the British School of Yoga and I have been practising yoga since 2003.

I was drawn to yoga after four years of field archaeology had left me with stiff, aching muscles. With my first teacher, Billy Doyle I learnt about yoga in the Kashmir tradition. This is a gentle form of yoga, which aims to unite the body and mind through various postures, breathing exercises and meditation.

The classes I teach are open to all, from complete beginners to more advanced yogis/yoginis. I can also offer private lessons, which will be designed to your specific goals. Please see the FAQs contact me if you would like any further information.



How fit do I need to be?

Anyone can practice yoga because the asanas (poses/ movements) are adaptable to all levels of fitness or flexibility. During a class I will demonstrate variations for many of the asanas to help you find the right level for your body to work at. I am happy to provide alternative postures if you need them.

What if I have an injury or medical condition?

Please let me know if you a suffering from any medical condition or injury, so I can adapt the practice to suit you. Most injuries or medical conditions will not prevent you from practicing yoga, although some asanas (poses/ movements) should be avoided in specific circumstances. I will provide alternative poses in these circumstances.(*)

What should I wear?

Since we will be moving our bodies please wear something comfortable and non-restrictive such as shorts, leggings or loose/ stretchy trousers and a t-shirt, vest or similar. Natural fibres such as cotton tend to be less slippery, which can help you achieve a better posture in some asanas (poses/ movements). Most people prefer to practice barefoot but non-slip socks are a good alternative if you prefer. You may wish to bring warm clothes to wear during relaxation so you don't feel chilly.

What equipment do I need?

Most people prefer to bring their own yoga mat, but I do have a limited number for my students to borrow. You may wish to bring your own blanket/ shawl or cushion to use during the relaxation but this is a personal preference.

Can I eat before class?

It is better to practice yoga on an empty stomach so please wait at least 3 hours after a full meal, or 2 hours after a snack.

Can I drink during class?

Please feel free to bring a bottle of water with you to class and sip from it when you need to. It is better to take small sips than a large drink while you are practicing.

Is it safe?

The key to effective yoga practice is to listen to your body at all times. As long as you are practicing mindfully yoga is safe for anyone to practice. As with any exercise it is possible to sustain injury during yoga practice. Never force your body into a position that is painful; pain is your body warning you to stop. If you ever experience pain during a class please let me know at once so I can adapt your practice to suit your body.

* Disclaimer : I cannot be held responsible for any injuries sustained as a result of any pre-existing conditions of which I have not been informed. It is my policy to offer alternative poses in these cases.


I am predominately based in Bury St Edmunds Suffolk, although I am open to enquiries regarding places nearby. I also provide One to One classes for those who want tailored sessions

Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk (UK)
Phone: 07514 645986
Email: laura@bseyoga.com
Facebook: facebook.com/bseyoga
Twitter: twitter.com/bseyoga ---

If you have any questions no matter how small please do not hesitate to contact me using the form I have provided below. I endeavour to answer all genuine emails promptly.

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Class Timetable

My classes are currently held at Southgate Community Centre (map) and Hazelwood Dance Studios (map). Please see below for dates and times. For private classes please contact me for availability


Covid 19 Message

Namaste Yogis, My apologies for the continuing lack of classes. Until transmissions start dropping I don’t want to bring you all together in person, in an enclosed space. I would like to start teaching online, but we have had issues with a builder & I don’t currently have the space at home. Please join my email list if you wish to be emailed when classes are likely to start – contact me for a sign up link.
Stay Safe in 2022,